Multifamily Program Development

DOMO Consulting has developed projects using federal programs that leverage private capital for the development of rental housing. Their expertise has been lent to municipal, state and national initiatives during times of severe need.

  • DOMO Consulting was recruited to do design work on the ICF International's (Fairfax, VA) team sent to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina to restore the rental housing lost in New Orleans. DOMO Consulting also served as an adviser on a panel of experts in Mississippi, organized by the State, Northrup Grunman, and a number of businesses in the region to build affordable rental housing that was needed to house the work force along the Gulf Coast. As a member of the teams hired to create rental housing recovery programs for the states, DOMO Consulting focused on creating ways to use federal programs like Community Development Block Grants and Low Income Housing Tax Credits to private investment of billions of dollars needed to restore rental housing.
  • Under a contract with the Mortgage Bankers Association (Washington, D.C.), DOMO Consulting was retained to develop a comprehensive curriculum to train FHA Multifamily Underwriters to increase the number of HUD and HUD-approved Underwriters that are needed to meet the application demand for financing rental housing after the Great Recession of 2007-2009.  FHA's programs have been in great demand as homeowner defaults and the renter population surges to record levels in this Country.  MBA rolled out this training - the first of its kind - in January, 2013.

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